Novità - As he begen our journey

An unlucky man in his life, has written a book, telling on the time spent unfairly behind bars, from this came the bricks, many of them still there, but that book continues to produce material to build, make an offer, you too, you receive it and you will join the great army to build an hospital in Burundi together. On November 21 on TV channel RAI two, Giancarlo Magalli invited us as guests in his program, and we thank them live, as several newspapers, now it' time to talk about you too. "Title of the book - Today to me and about who tomorrow?" He says, I wrote it still with my hands tied, with my head full of questions, but the first one is "why am I here? Bank details: Banca C.R.A. di Brendola Fil. di Tezze di Arzignano Via Roma 37 36071 Tezze di Arzignano (VI) Iban - IT07D0839960122000000311979 Herewith you will find news and pictures that will testify as your help will be able to do in continuos way! A hug full of joy will accompany you. Diego Olivieri

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